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An Award Winning DMS Solution for Effective end-to-end Sales and Distribution Management

It’s time to ditch your traditional distribution management system and embrace a digital end-to-end sales and distribution management solution with GoSales. An award-winning SFA & DMS solution ensures 360-degree coverage for an Enterprise customer in the Sales & Distribution ecosystem.

Efficient Distributor Management & 100% Visibility into Distributor Operations

Want to explore the power of GoSales to digitally empower your Distributor and maximize profitability? GoSales is the best leading-edge SFA solution packed with new-age features to offer end-to-end customized supply chain support for your businesses.

Distributor Sales Rep Tracking

  • Our mobile-friendly DMS solution effortlessly and accurately manages each component of your sales cycle.
  • Automate your supply chain management with our revolutionary end-to-end sales and distribution app.
  • Boost your distributor engagement by tracking distributor sales reps' performance.
  • Empower the distributors with our Goal-Driven sales approach to accelerate productivity.

Distributor Delivery App

  • With our revolutionary field sales app Seamlessly monitor the entire sales cycle for an excellent solution for tracking order and delivery process.
  • Use our GoSales app to load your outgoing shipments for the day.
  • When dropping off packages, quickly scan their manifest barcode and complete the delivery with signature confirmation.
  • A faster and transparent DMS solution helps you organize your last-mile visibility and delivery-related information.

Order and Supply Management

  • Upload contact and location details of distributors and categorize them based on SKUs and products.
  • Provide the distributors access to the web and app panel of the mobile SFA software to authorize orders made by a salesperson.
  • Enable sales executives to take orders directly while at an outlet through the GoSales SFA mobile app.
  • Get notified as soon as the sales executive enters the product code/product name and quantity.
  • Make providing discounts and schemes easy by making them automatic where required.

Secondary Sales Execution

  • Seamless view of secondary order management with GoSales SFA & DMS solution.
  • Get a clear picture of secondary sales at a retailer level and unpack sales targets at micro market levels like never before.
  • SKU-wise summary for the selected route, along with configurable invoice layout.

Inventory Management

  • Capture opening stock of products on-field and track sales of customers or retailers through treasury sales
  • Monitor stock movement from distributor to the retailer by getting notified through the GoSales SFA solution app
  • With our DMS solution, manage the real-time inventory status and balance the demand and supply chain.

Purchase/ GRN and Invoicing

  • Be informed about when and how a customer is paying for the product through payment collection verification through the photo capture option.
  • Keep track of all payments and collections done by a sales executive.
  • Manage visibility of debit and credit notes and collect payment with configurable invoice layouts.

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