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Connect Your Retailers, Distributors and Brand in One Go with our Revolutionary Retailer App

An easy-to-use mobile app to manage your retailers. Improve last mile visibility & delivery as retailers can easily run their entire process digitally which leads to a rocketing revenue graph.

Increase Your Last Mile Visibility & Delivery with Digitize Retailer App

Growing a business can be a difficult journey. But with our leading edge GoSales Retailer or Dealer app, retailers can regulate their down-stream supply chain, streamline promotions, stock management, better customer targeting, and improve sales efforts all in one touch.

Manage Your Order Digitally

With the GoSales Retailer app, place orders directly based on customer purchase potential and preferences. Retailers can track their order starting from order dispatch to the Distributor chain to the last mile deliveries. Retailers can manage the real-time inventory status and balance the demand and supply chain.

Seamless Product Promotion

Showcase your products in a digital catalouge, including product image and details, available to the Retailers. Run digital campaigns, brand announcements, product promotions, discounts and sales. With regular updates and insights into customer purchase potential and preferences, distributors offer and regulate payment and promotional schemes to boost sales and returns.

Build Customer Friendly Relationships

Boost your Customer Engagement significantly by directly connecting with your retailers digitally. With the digitize Retailer app, maximize your Customer Relationship Management by conducting market surveys. Retailer can gather insights by noting why a particular customer did not purchase the product

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